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At FSPG, our committed and experienced team of accountancy specialists help individuals and businesses of any size to meet and exceed their objectives. Based in Central London, FSPG tailors their services for every client, to ensure your financial requirements are met in a personable and agreeable fashion.

At FSPG Chartered Accountants, we are registered by ICAEW to provide statutory audit services to our clients. Our in-house team has significant experience in the increasing number of specialisms associated with a modern audit and will ensure minimum disruption to a business whilst we undertake the audit functions.

Our business-consulting department is one of the fastest growing divisions of our practice. Whether it is preparation of VAT returns or management accounts that are required, we pride ourselves in adopting a flexible and proactive approach in examining the results of our business consultancy, in order to enhance the businesses that we look after.

Our tax department is extremely experienced in dealing with all aspects of personal tax, corporate tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and other indirect taxes. Additionally, we have a dedicated tax partner who overviews all of our clients’ affairs. We also have the ability to look at other areas of taxation, which are becoming of increasing importance, such as the offshore disclosure requirements and HMRC investigations.

We have an experienced payroll department, which looks after many of our clients' requirements and acts as an external aid to their businesses. We know that payroll can often be a large and exhaustive task, made all the more difficult by the growing complexity of taxation, employment legislation and penalties for non-compliance. Our team of payroll experts will ensure that your needs are met easily and quickly.

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Company formations and statutory work is provided through our associated company Harley Street Registrars Limited. Harley Street Registrars Limited was formed in 1988 and has since grown to provide company secretarial services to a significant number of corporate clients. These clients range from small single member companies to PLC’s and to owners who own dozens of companies.

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Looking to raise finance, sell your business or acquire a competitor? Our specialist team will be able to help. We work with other departments of the practice to provide you with a holistic service that can help you to achieve your goals.

As one of our clients, you will have access to the years of experience and knowledge of our partners and other staff. Included within this is a network of professional partners; including insolvency specialists, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, surveyors, banks, solicitors, barristers, business angels, marketing gurus and recruitment consultants. We are happy to introduce these advisors to any of our clients should the need arise.

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Financial services are now strictly regulated and providing independent financial advice requires specialist knowledge. We have close contact with many such people to ensure you receive the advice you need, covering areas such as pensions, school fees planning and medical care, along with emerging new concepts. We will help you every step of the way in the investment process to ensure that you maximize the benefits and reduce the risks.

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Not really sure what your next move is? Are you just looking for a levelheaded, clear-minded and trustworthy person with a strong commercial background and years of business experience to have an informal chat with about your affairs? Let us provide you with the comprehensive advice that you are looking for.

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